Worship In The Valley

“High moments are like peaks. On the peaks you get the strong breezes and the larger view. But we live in the valley because that’s where the growth comes. The harvest is in the valley.” -Jack Hayford

Many will worship God with passion and zeal in times of success, prosperity, and happiness. But what’s truly amazing are those who take pleasure in worship God during times of brokenness, loss, and sadness. It’s in these moments that the worshipper realizes what worship is all about.

How about you? Are you finding satisfaction in a mountaintop experience, or are you being challenged by the valley? What does it mean to worship wherever you’re at today?


One response to “Worship In The Valley

  1. Good word bro. I’m definitely in a valley but I have a strange peace about it that I can only attribute to God. Thanks for the reminder to continue worshipping in the valley :)

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