CD Release: “All Things New” by Sherry Muchira

Something new…

For my entire musical life, I have been blessed with opportunities to use my gifts in various capacities. From worship leading around a campfire to (humbly) opening for bands I’ve looked up to for years – God has constantly provided me opportunities to pursue new endeavors in music. :) All this to say, I’ve never been a part of creating a legitimate studio album. 2012 changed that!

For the last year and a half, I’ve had the absolute privilege of being a part of a music project with some of my best friends. Joining Sherry Muchira, Tim Muchira, and Dave Sproul, I have assumed the role as guitarist for what has become one of the most meaningful projects I’ve ever been a part of….and I can’t believe it is finally time to share it with you.

This album is a collection of songs written by my great friend, Sherry Muchira (formerly of Lystra’s Silence). She is honestly one of my favorite songwriters and female vocalists. Her writing has a way of bringing a listener to a broken and honest state before the throne of God, inspiring a genuine pursuit of Jesus; all through the lens of someone who realizes how desperately they need him.

About the Album

This album is the product of several years of songwriting on Sherry’s part, coupled by almost 2-years of writing music and recording with the rest of us.

Sherry tracking piano on a 9-ft. Steinway!

A few quick facts about the process that I find interesting to share:

  • The album was recorded/produced by one of my heroes, Aaron Sternke of Rend the Heavens. His talent both musically and technically blow my mind. Super honored to have worked with him! (Engineered by Dean Baskerville and Aaron Sternke).
  • We wrote the majority of the music at Mill Creek Foursquare Church, but also did a writing retreat at a retreat house in Camano Island. Thanks to Kyle Veach for the sweet hookup!
  • Sherry recorded this entire album while pregnant! Of course, vocals are tracked last, meaning she was competing with her little girl for lung space. Deep breaths were tiresome, which make it even more incredible when you hear how good she sounds.
  • We recorded primarily at Crossroads Productions in Vancouver, WA. I did most of the guitar tracking at Supernatural Sound in Oregon City, OR. The rest was handled in Aaron’s basement. :)
  • Adia (Tim & Sherry’s daughter), who’s about 5 months old attended her first concert this weekend! January 19 was our CD release show; we had a lot of fun!
  • My younger brother (Stephen) has joined us as a second guitarist for live shows! He did some BGV’s with us on the album as well. This is the first time him and I have been a part of a band together, which is sort of a childhood dream fulfilled for us. So awesome.

This album was a gift for us to record, and now we offer it as a gift to you. Sherry has communicated to us over and over that the success of this album is all dependent on those who have been impacted by it. We’ve received a few encouraging emails already, and nothing makes it more worth it than knowing someone was/is blessed by it.

The first shipment of “goods”

Sherry, Tim, Dave, and Stephen: Thanks for being my friends and for allowing me to throw myself at this project with you. It has been not only a lot of fun, but also an agent of healing and hope in areas of life that needed it. Thanks to my beautiful wife Kara for putting up with SO many late practices. You’re the best gal I know. Love you all very much.

Pick it up on iTunes, or at our next show!


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