Make Disciples Who…


These are my awesome interns: Josiah, Ben and Austin.

These three are champs. I love doing ministry with them! Some days, we get totally consumed with important and rigorous projects around the building. Other days, we focus more on spiritual growth, ministry, and simply living life. From time to time, we get on a YouTube kick and laugh our faces off at random Balloonshop videos. No matter the case, I love the opportunity to pour whatever I have learned from the Lord into these guys.

Many of us were discipled by someone older than us during our lifetime, which makes us who we are today. There are individuals who, for some length of time, enter our lives and teach us lessons that become invaluable. I am still impacted by the lives of men like Brian Muchmore, “Big” Nick Johnson, Blayne Greiner, Bob Stone, Chris Peterson…any many more. Watching men like this live out their faith in practical, transparent, courageous, and often hilarious ways has taught me more about being a Christian than any particular sermon. These guys are heroes in my book.

How are you investing yourself into someone else? Are you pouring into someone else’s life like the leaders before you did? It took me awhile to “make the switch” from being primarily a disciple to a disciple-maker, but the journey has been amazing. I’m not saying I’m some high-functioning superhero leader, ready to write a book on the art of making disciples; I’m just a guy trying to be obedient to Jesus and make a difference in three stellar dudes’ lives.

Who has made a difference in your life? What did you learn from them? Are you pouring into someone today? What are you learning? Share some thoughts in the comments!


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